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viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012

High School :D

 Hey me again'!

   I'm gonna talk now about high school! Cuz now i know that it can be like hell'! In there you see everything! well.. yeah..! And they can sometimes offer you thing you really don't want to try or use. But sometimes you do it because the one who offers was hot and you want to prove yourself or because of the peer pressure! Which is the one you have to avoid.

   Real friend don't offer you something they know that's only going to put your life in danger or ruin it.
If you have a friend like that.Well.. learn to differentiate! Cuz those are not friends. 
It's OK to party and stuff but to experiment wt. something you know it only going to cause you trouble.. You have to think about it twice.! Cuz in life not always you have second opportunities. So you have to choose wisely. ^.^
     School are not good or bad it's the atmosphere! And you make the atmosphere so make it good. 

Live Above the Influence

Hey, we are not kids anymore, right?
There won't always be someone
helping us learn what's right or what's wrong.
We are all trying to figure it out,
using whatever we've learned along the way.
More and more, it's up to us.
Trouble is, wherever we're hanging out,
you can be sure influence will show up too.
"Try one," "This is so cool!" "C'mon, it's no big deal..."
In a matter of seconds, you could make a decision
that will affect the rest of your life.
Easy? No way. You won't always get it right.
But here's the thing—it's your call. Your life.
Your chance to define yourself.
To stand up for who you are,
instead of letting others define you.
Every single day, we need to think about how we're going to live.
Above the influence? Or, under the influence?
I am Above the Influence. How about you?

For More information go to   http://www.abovetheinfluence.com/

miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

New Trends*

New Trends'


Love em' but more if it doesn't go to the extreme! One or two is good, but more than 5 in my opinion it's too much. My brother has 5 and it doesn't look but i respect.

Another one are:


I like them but that doesn't mean i im addicted to them!
Well my brother makes tattoos so im used to see tattoos in many diferent ways!

From tribals to flower to even cartoons! i know lots of Colors and things mixed up together!

I love this kind of styles!

Well for boys i think.. I've never seen a girl with these kind of Tattoos! And if you have send a picture cause im pretty sure there are none!

And this one for girls classical! Stars'!

 And the next is my favorite one my next b-day gift!
I loved it from the first time i saw it!

Tell me your opinion about it please!


Love this song! One of the greatest of Maroon 5!